In Alberta we might see a variety of Hummingbirds, including Ruby-throated, Rufous, Calliope, Black-chinned, Anna's, Costa's, Green Violet-ear.

The species most commonly found throughout Alberta is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. We sometimes get them in the Greenhouse!

They prefer bright colors and especially bright red. Some plants that may help attract Hummingbirds to your yard include: Columbine, Cosmos, Lilacs, Delphinium, Dianthus, Lupine, Fuchsia, Bee balm, Morning Glory, Four O' Clocks, Petunias, Daylily, Lily, Peony, Hollyhock, Foxglove, Zinnia, Nicotiana, Verbena, Bleeding Hearts, Salvia, Trumpet Vine, Vine-Nasturtiums, Begonias, Geraniums .... and more!

Hummingbirds are most fond of Tubular-shaped Flowers. They prefer Bright-Hot-Colors such as Red, Magenta, Orange, Hot pink, but they will go to other colors of flowers, especially fragrant types. Delphiniums and Lilacs are also appreciated by 'Hummers' Fuchsias are an excellent choice!

Provide Bright Colored Flowers - A shallow source of clean water - Add a Nectar Feeder - Provide Shelter from harsh winds - Sun & Shade -​Provide a Peaceful sanctuary away from predators - and you may soon be lucky enough to have some very exciting Guests! Precious Gems!!

A garden of Brightly colored Petunias can help attract Hummingbirds to your yard. I have seen Hummingbirds feeding on the Tidal Wave Petunias I plant each year! It is a good idea to have a variety of Hummingbird favorites for the Hummingbirds to choose from. ​Add a Nectar Feeder too!!

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